Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tips For Working As A Real Estate Agent

Sometimes a real estate agent can just stumble into success for a short time, but doing this all the time is unrealistic. What agents have to understand is that being successful, it takes strategy and planning.

Real estate is not a job, it's a business. When you have a job you receive your instructions and duties from your manager or business owner, but in real estate you are the boss, so it's your responsibility to come up with all the planning.

When agents are new in the business they are like sponges soaking up as much knowledge as they can get. The only problem for them is to do what they have learned. It's not that they don't want to; they just don't, for a number of reasons. No self-motivation, unable to follow a plan, time management, listening to negative people, not showing up and thinking they have a better way, are some of the top offenses. Believe it or not this applies to new and old agents alike.

So what does one do to avoid failure? Going over the basics, whether you are new or old to the business would be a good start. It is also extremely important to use a business plan to keep yourself on track.

One of the best ways to get going is to do open houses. If you don't have any of your own listings ask one of your associates if you can do an open house on one of their listings. If you don't get a buyer for that house, try to get a buyer that is willing to work with you to see others. You can do this by working on scripts to turn a looker into a buyer. It's up to you to make your open house as productive as possible.

Go to as many training seminars as you can. Even if you've been in the business a while there is always a tip you can pick up from the seminars. Take as many notes as you can, and write clearly so you'll be able to understand what you wrote in haste. If your broker offers training take full advantage of it.

Stay away from negative people. Their influence on you will have a bad effect on your production, and you will definitely not do as well. Only take advice from positive people who are doing well. It is what they are doing that you should emulate.

Set a time schedule for your working hours just as though you had a job. It's very easy to fall into the trap of not "showing up" because "you don't have to".

A good business plan can help you with that.

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